Our ISO tanks are designed to suit a wide range of food grade and industrial products. Tanks are based on a bottom-discharge design, and are a market leader, with an impressive 27 cubic metres of product contained within a 20 foot container pin framework. The cone design allows for an optimal discharge with minimal dead zones. ISO tanks are extremely durable, designed to facilitate any transfer of stresses back through the barrel frame. Our design has been physically drop tested, and shown to comply with and even exceed international standards. ISO tanks offer great flexibility to your fleet, making use of existing skel equipment. ISO containers are also an effective strategy for static storage needs.

ISO tanks are designed to suit the conditions in which they are required to operate, from metro and highway road use to extreme off-road and even no-road routes.

  • Maximum volumetric capacity;
  • Industry leading tare weights;
  • 2K Painted Finish;
  • A choice of on highway or durable R Certified rail designs;
  • Marshall Lethlean designed stainless steel pneumatic handrails;
  • Transfer lines;
  • Pneumatic or manual valving;

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