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With over 15 years of experience building gas tankers, fitting out and completing new tankers, refurbishing existing tankers to give them a new lease on life. Following the assimilation into the global CIMC group, we can now offer a complete range of gas tankers from static storage to modern single and combination tanker units, suited to today’s delivery requirements. Cylindrical in shape, our tankers offer a straight design for rigid bodies and single tankers while our stepped design is best suited to articulated multi tanker designs, and offer a low centre of gravity.

The tankers are also designed to suit the conditions in which they are required to operate, from metro and highway road use to extreme off-road and even no-road routes.

  • Low centre of gravity;
  • Maximum volumetric capacity;
  • Industry leading tare weights;
  • Frameless design for reduced overall weight;
  • LED lighting;
  • Stainless steel toolboxes;
  • Pumping discharge setup;
  • 2K Painted finish;
  • A choice of on highway or off road/extreme duty designs;
  • Air bag or spring suspension;
  • Polished aluminium outer wheels;
  • Spider hubs with steel rims;
  • All suspension brands available;

Products to suit your application.

Building quality tankers for over 40 years.

Engineering the way forward.