Marshall Lethlean bitumen tankers are manufactured using either 304 stainless steel or 350 grade mild steel and offer superior temperature build up and retention. The use of heavy duty, heat retaining insulation aids in superior heat preservation within the tanker. Both steel and stainless steel bitumen tankers are very durable designs, and resist corrosion, resulting in a longer, lower whole of life cost. Using a stainless steel rollover coaming on both designs means no more rust or discolouration down the sides of your tanker. Designed with optimum functionality in mind, these tankers have pipework created to maximize flow and minimize product retention.

The tankers are also designed to suit the conditions in which they are required to operate, from metro and highway road use to extreme off-road and even no-road routes.

  • Low centre of gravity;
  • Maximum volumetric capacity;
  • Industry leading tare weights;
  • 350 Grade Mild Steel and304 stainless steel construction available;
  • Frameless design for unrestricted barrel expansion;
  • Heavy duty, temperature retaining insulation;
  • Stainless steel rollover coaming;
  • LED lighting;
  • Stainless steel toolboxes;
  • A choice of on highway or off road/extreme duty designs;
  • Natural stainless steel, mill finish aluminium or 2K painted finish;
  • Air bag suspension or spring suspension;
  • Polished aluminium wheels;
  • Spider hubs with steel rims;
  • All suspension brands available;
  • Marshall Lethlean designed stainless steel pneumatic handrails;

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