Marshall Lethlean were founded in 1973 and was known for their range of transport products, including tankers and flat- bed semi-trailers.

In 1985, the company decided that specialisation was the key and a decision was made to focus on the production of high quality road tanker products. Marshall Lethlean have grown to become the premier manufacturer and supplier of liquid and dry bulk road tankers in Australia.

Marshall Lethlean was the only Australian road tanker manufacturer to achieve ISO 9001 quality accreditation and certification, providing their customers with the assurance that the appropriate management and quality control process are adhered to when producing their tankers.

Marshall Lethlean’s ongoing goal is to provide their customers with tankers that allow the maximum payload and the lowest life cycle cost. Not only do they strive to give the best transport solution, they are also committed to reducing their customers’ downtime through the comprehensive service network throughout Australia, giving peace of mind to each and every customer.

Being at the forefront of expertise, they will continue to provide the most innovative and technologically advanced road tankers in Australia.

We thrive on challenging projects that produce bigger rewards.

Serving customers Australia wide.

We pride ourselves on Creativity, Intuition & Determination.